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hey guys this is Rob Simmons and I want
to spend just a couple of minutes
helping you make some good choices on
what to eat during the 24 day challenge
something that we get asked a whole
bunch about and I want to try to make it
simple for you now you have so many
resources available to you at AdvoCare
comm slash 24 Day Challenge and on the
app for your smartphone that you can
look at it’s going to give you great
suggestions on what to eat but I want to
talk through some of this with you so
first of all let me let you give some
ideas as far as where to go shopping in
your grocery store what I always
recommend is first start on the
perimeter of the grocery store that way
you’re going to hit the the good breads
that you can choose the whole-grain
multi grain breads that if you need that
in your diet and you go around to the
fresh meats and when we talk about meats
we’re talking about turkey chicken fish
all these things a trivet eat and you of
course you’re not going to you’re not
going to deep-fry them or anything these
are baked or grilled and then all around
through the produce section and that way
you can pick up some fresh produce good
fruits and vegetables that you can add
into your diet ok so that’s simple
enough Oh
passed by the dairy fridge ok because
during this ten days we really want to
limit the dairy in fact I would
challenge you to eliminate dairy
altogether from your diet during these
10 days dairy is very difficult on your
body to digest and of course that puts
tension on your body and so we want to
make sure that you are focusing on
cleansing and everything is working
efficiently and effectively so if you
want milk maybe try and almond milk or
soy milk during this time but if you can
steer away from dairy if you have to
have it just keep it in small amounts so
when we talk about like what to eat for
breakfast and lunch and dinner and
snacks this can be overwhelming because
a lot of people feel like the 24 day
challenge needs to be something that
they fast or get small amounts of
calories you know guys you need at least
2,000 calories
you diet and that is for the average
person that the average weight that’s
doing very little movement or exercise
okay so if you’re not exercising at all
2,000 calories is a good place to shoot
if you are exercising and you are
working out and you’re still doing those
things even during the cleanse then it’s
going to go up some and what you want to
shoot for if you’re trying to lose
weight is maybe about 500 calories less
than how much you would be burning okay
so you want to bring in about 500
calories less than you’d be burning
during the day
great trackers you can find like using
up or some of the other devices that can
help you manage that if you want to get
that critical with it in that technical
with it if not let me just give you some
really good rules of thumb and this is
going to help you through your entire
cleanse and 24 day challenge first of
all be careful about foods that are high
in fats unless they’re your good fats
and so just take a quick peek at the
back of a label and just see what the
calorie per serving is and and how many
of those calories from fat you’re
getting just take a quick look at that
and then it will help you make a better
decision on if this is something that
you should take also be careful about
drinking your calories if you go to a
major coffee house and you buy one of
their mocha drinks you’re going to be
getting about 400 calories in that drink
okay so just be thoughtful about those
things and really try to steer away from
them alright
so breakfast is always something that we
get asked a bunch about let me give you
a couple of good AdvoCare options the
agro bar the DV 9 bar would your breezes
face on it this is such a great var for
breakfast I love this if I’m on the go
and I just got a res grab one it’s
easily digestible to all vegetable
proteins and you’re going to feel good
and full for a good period of time for
breakfast now of course we’ve already
talked about that you can use the mill
replacement shakes for breakfast
during the cleanse phase these are
excellent ways to be able to get good
protein fiber all of that stuff into
your body first thing in the morning
this makes your perfect breakfast
especially if you’re busy on-the-go and
do something quick these are awesome you
can mix them up in a blender with ice
you can use a little magic bullet and
you can just use a shaker bottle and
you’re good to go what I used to do and
I had an early shifts in the morning
when before we came home from our jobs I
would put the powder of a mill
replacement shake into a shaker bottle
with the little auger ball in it and I
would take that to work and then I just
go to the water fountain and fill it up
when it was time to drink shake it up
and go it’s delicious and it’s awesome
and you’re good to go
also breakfast ideas eggs
you know nuts almonds things like that
those are such good sources of protein
what I always recommend is just get some
protein in your breakfast and some
carbohydrates good carbohydrates
carbohydrates are like fruits and
vegetables and whole grains those are
things that add carbohydrates
carbohydrates are energy I know that we
like to say that carbs are the enemy but
that is where you get energy from if
your body is using protein for energy
that’s not clean burning energy for your
body and you’ll feel it you’ll feel the
best when you’re getting good
carbohydrates complex carbs like this
for energy now don’t now steer away from
sugar steer away from simple starches
like potatoes or white rice things like
that because that is going to give you a
sugar like rush of energy not a not a
good complex carb source of energy
snacks after breakfast again try to get
some a little bit of protein in a nuts
or trail mix something like that is
great and then also you can always
continue on with fiber in the form of
fruits or vegetables again this is
another time where you can do a bar or a
shank for that two to three hours after
breakfast now if you have a shake for
breakfast I don’t recommend going to a
bar I always want you to try to be
getting good food into your body when
you move on to lunch this is a simple
thing keep it very balanced okay look
for your meat and your proteins and your
carbohydrates fiber all that make sure
you’re just making some simple choices
in which is good you know doing things
like that what I like is I love hummus
it’ll you know dipping carrots in it
you’ve never tried hummus it’s such a
good source of protein and nutrition and
it’s healthy for you they have all kinds
of different flavors should be scared of
one try one what we found is we like
just the original plain hummus without
them all the other stuff against
delicious especially as a dip and I’m
the chips and hot sauce kind of guys so
I love different stuff and when I found
carrots and hummus that was awesome I
loved it
doing an afternoon snack again just
making a really simple choice as far as
fruit or a vegetable or maybe the hummus
then not something like that that’s
going to be an easy way for you to get
some good protein in and maybe some more
carbs in your diet too to keep you on
the right track and then dinner again
keep it balanced make sure your turkey
fish chicken whatever meat you choose
that you’re just grilling it or baking
it and then you’re adding maybe try
brown rice instead of white rice trying
turkey spaghetti and turkey meat if you
want to make spaghetti with whole wheat
noodles those are things that we have
done again go find those suggestions go
to the Advocate column slash 24-day
challenge for recipe ideas and even in
this group you’re going to see some
great recipe ideas of people that use
creative ideas for food for dinner
that’s maybe not what you’re used to
doing this is simple guys the 24 day
challenge is very easy we’re just making
some good choices especially during
these ten days you can do anything for
10 days I recommend you sticking with
this clean eating style for these 10
days if you’re if you have to eat just
make it the right choice okay don’t
starve yourself because then you’ll
you’ll reach for something bad and of
course the best thing you can do is have
your family a part of it
have somebody accountable to you this
group is such a great place to be
accountable to one another so that
you’ll stay on the right track and reach
the goals that you have for yourself
during these 24 days so guys I hope that
helped hope that gave some good ideas
the last thing I’ll say is make sure
you’re drinking tons of water during
this 21-day challenge you’re getting
fiber into your diet
it water is so important to help keep
everything moving down but even without
the fiber you still need a significant
amount of water in your diet 64 to 100
ounces a day keep track of it stay on
top of it and it’s going to make this
whole process that much easier and
smoother and you’re going to love the
way you feel on day 11 we’ll talk to you
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