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Holistic Health Coach Certification

Holistic Health Coach Certification is a relatively new and growing professional field. As people become more aware of health and / or require health interventions, an integrated approach is needed to improve the overall health of patients and clients. The role of the health coach has arrived as a long-awaited solution.

Introduction to Health Coaching

Holistic Health Coach provide advice and management in the main elements of health, including diet, physical activity and well-being. They help people identify their ideal health goals, define a personalized plan and guide them in the implementation of the plan. This essentially involves determining which areas of their clients’ lifestyles need to be modified for the better and ensuring that these changes are implemented.

Given the multiple components of health and wellness, you must be familiar with yourself to perform this work effectively, having an exercise or a health care setting is a must. One way to show that you have taken the appropriate steps to be more qualified is to become certified as a health coach. If this is not already a requirement, certification can certainly increase your hiring potential when registering for health coaching jobs.

Here are five of the most popular health coaching certifications, including how you can get them and other important details about each program:

1. NSHC – National Society of Health Coaches

The NSHC offers a Health Coach certification, which is the NSHC Certified Health Coach, CHC. This certification is only open to licensed and accredited health professionals. People who work as follows from the following can follow this program: physician, licensed physician, clinical advisor physician licensed chiropractic / podiatry, nurse practitioner / nurse clinician specialist, RN / LPN / LVN, therapists and assistants – physical / professional / dental / respiratory Physiology, dentist / registered dental hygienist, specialized dietary nutrition / CDR, certified nutrition specialist CBNS, psychologist, educator certified diabetes, pharmacist, physiotherapist certified athletic trainer certified NATA CMHA / certified exercise specialist CMHA licensed acupuncturist.
The NSHC program is a highly respected program and offers a unique approach to evidence-based health coaching. Certification of this program will likely give any health care provider a sign of peer approval. For those who are not part of the health program for the completion of the “Certificate of Completion”, they show their willingness to go further and learn from one of the best programs in the country.

2. United States Council for the Fiscal Year (ACE)

Adapted to healthcare providers and professionals in fitness, ACE certification Health Coach is designed to help qualify and expand career opportunities for those who wish to incorporate other health strategies in the lives of their customers / Patients.

For Holistic Health Coach Certification, you have the opportunity to purchase the exam in one of the two individual study packages. The “Standard” package includes ACE Academy, which includes weekly email courses reminding you to keep your studies on track, including a hands-on online exam. The “Premium” package includes ACE Academy Select, which implements a video playback program online, two road tests, the possibility to take the certification exam if needed and other resources not included in the package “Standard”.

The American Council on Exercise is a non-profit organization that is committed to improving the health status and health of our country over the past 30 years through the accreditation of professional fitness and Health care. It is the only organization whose certification of health coaches is accredited by the National Council of Certification Bodies (NCCA). This distinction means that the certification has been officially recognized by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence as a diploma whose holders are competent professionals in the field of health coaching.

3. Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

The institute offers three different health coach certifications that are designed to allow students to be certified within six weeks (longer if they follow more than one program). Certification allows the individual to start working as a health coach, teaching the principles of Dr. Sears L.E.A.N.

For people arriving in this area without medical training, this program should be reviewed. It has a complete online and easy to understand curriculum with support available during and after certification. And for those who travel the Autonomous Road, once you are certified by the Dr. Sears Institute, they will help you promote and market your services.

4. Duke Integrative Medicine

Certificate of Completion (foundation course)

This certificate is awarded after completing the foundation course at Duke Integrated Medicine. This program is divided into different modules and allows the pupil to pause between each module in order to have the time to practice the skills they have learned in a clinical context. Each module includes approximately 30 hours of classroom learning that will be combined with distance learning via online presentations and conference calls. The majority of the program is on campus.

Certified Integrated Health Coach (certification course)

Open only to those who have completed the foundation course, this distance course includes online courses and teleconferences. Students must provide documentation for at least four coaches and at least 100 hours of coaching and must pass a written exam and an oral exam to obtain certification.

Duke University is a highly respected university and the professional training of the health coach it offers is one of the most rigorous and formally structured programs. For those who are already in the medical or health field, this is an ideal program to complete your pre-established training to improve positive and long-term health behaviors in your patients.

5. Training of school wellness centers

The Wellcoaches Core Health Coach Training program takes 18 weeks to complete and culminates in an oral and written exam for the Health and Wellness Coach certification. This certification is required to enroll in the Wellcoaches Occupational Health Professional Training Program, which includes a 10-month program.

Wellcoaches’ Health Coaching Program integrates the effectiveness of evidence-based coaching skills and innovation learning to develop health coaches that can bring about long-term improvements in wellness and Health of their clients.

Established in 2000, the program addresses some of the most important health challenges facing our society, including obesity, inactive lifestyles, depression, poor eating habits and stress.


This form of coaching is a collective and highly individualized service focused on improving well-being and health. It is used to help develop a person’s ability to achieve short-term and prolonged health goals. Whether it is to answer a complete list of problems related to laundry or some problems, the focus is on improving the quality of life of the customer.

If you have a sincere interest in helping others achieve true health, the growing field of healthcare management is definitely worth considering advancing or complementing your career.

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