Amino Acids For Weight Loss


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Amino Acids For Weight Loss – You may have heard about them, but they know little about their real benefits. In fact, essential amino acids (EAA) may be the best supplement you have not yet explored. Whether you are trying to maximize your health, avoid or manage illness, support your efforts for higher performance or improve your weight loss progression, EAAs can serve as a quick and consistent strategy to build your abilities Anabolic (development of lean tissue).

The importance of amino acids

Each structure in the body is constructed from a sequence of amino acids that we know as proteins. The strength and resilience of our being depends on our ability to balance the forces that force our organs, bones and muscles into the processes that rebuild and repair the damage.

When our balance of damage and repair drifts out of the field of action, most often it is called inflammation and can be measured through a number of biochemical markers. It decomposes us. The scary thing is that our equilibrium can often be tilted towards a decrease in health and a loss of lean tissue before these markers come up. Regularly. Always constant. We also call this aging.

Thanks to a very complex network of digestion, absorption and signaling, most of us manage to stand and keep our eyes open day by day (often with less vigor as time passes). While we can debate all the factors related to dietary practices and definitions of “nutritionally adequate” for years (ie nutrition and health science for you!), There is exciting evidence An easy-to-implement food strategy that could help us stay Ready to fix in some of the worst conditions as we age.

We lose muscle as we age, and it’s not really healthy for us. The more we have muscle and maintaining later in life, the more difficult it is to take fat, develop diabetes or suffer bone loss. A constant exercise of resistance to life (weight) – with adequate nutrition – can slow down these processes. As far as “adequate diet” is concerned, we need to understand the amount and type of protein we consume throughout our lifetime influences on how we can regulate our weight (fat), our bone health and our muscle mass .

At this point, there is evidence to support animal proteins as a key source (with accompanying high consumption of colored vegetables and fruits). Animal protein tends to be a source of amino acids suitably rich for many people throughout the world, while others opt for sources of non-animal proteins to satisfy their amino acid needs. Some studies suggest that animal proteins may be superior to plant sources. Animal proteins provide a denser source of essential amino acids – the nine amino acids needed to stimulate growth and muscle maintenance that the human body can not produce alone.

Recent reviews of current protein recommendations suggest that new guidelines for protein consumption (and higher) are needed, especially for the elderly. At a minimum, it is suggested that protein should be part of every meal to guard against waste.

Amino acids for health

A specific EAA mixture known as Thorne Research’s DaxibeQOL (Quality of Life) has been extensively studied as a therapy for some of the most challenging medical challenges to muscle maintenance – mainly cachexia (rapid muscle loss) due to Cancer, AID, serious infections, famine and age-related sarcopenia (chronic and progressive muscular loss). These conditions usually involve poor appetites, extreme stresses and other challenges that make it difficult to improve nutritional status (eg, hospital food, everyone?). Yet, EAA supplementation twice daily greatly improves health

Amino Acids for Performance

A subset of essential amino acids known as branched chain amino acids (BCAA), only three components of Thorne’s Amino Complex (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, Valine) were a popular supplement in the Body and elite The community of athletes for years, is concerned about their “performance boosting” benefits.

Interestingly, supplementation with 6 to 20 g BCAA per day has not been demonstrated to significantly boost performance but is associated with improved exercise tolerance (reduction in stress loss – EPR ) And reduction of delayed muscle pain (DOMS). These effects can only indirectly support higher performance by reducing the time required for recovery between intense training sessions.

The EAA, on the other hand, can offer an additional advantage. With the benefits of BCAA, the additional amino acids maintain an anabolic environment for several hours after ingestion, even in calorie deficient and protein-deficient states.

This complementation approach can provide a simpler compliance strategy for athletes looking for rapid recovery and muscle / muscle gains under energy or protein deficit conditions – or for those who are simply short time!

Amino Acids for Weight Loss

Perhaps the most interesting benefits of the EAA have not yet been fully discovered. Current research on the role of amino acids in weight loss programs is promising.

One study compared the results of a group that used only a meal replacement supplement (similar to Fast Fuel Complete) with another that received both amino acids and the same meal replacement supplement (similar To the use of Thorne Amino Complex in addition to Fast Fuel Complete).

The group using EAA in addition to meal replacement had a preferential loss of body fat and better preservation of lean tissue. In the end, this meant four kilos more fat loss and better lean muscle retention in the EAA group during the two months of study!

There is further evidence that the role of the amino acid (eg, L-Leucine and other EAAs) in metabolic function extends beyond the construction and maintenance of lean tissue but also supports the balance of Blood glucose levels and energy production (ie burning calories) between meals.

Lesson: The more essential amino acids consumed daily, the less likely is to be or remain obese. This easy strategy seems too good to be true, but can we afford to ignore such a convincing drive in the right direction? As the research continues, we have the opportunity to see what the EAA can do for our progress in weight loss and health.

In conclusion…

Are EAAs or BCAAs necessary for all? The evidence does not yet sufficiently support this suggestion.

Does Thorne Amino Complex Supplement provide a convenient, safe, simple, effective and potent strategy to support your health, performance gains or weight loss? Yes, and this is where you use in your journey today.

Talk to one of our dieticians for more information on what the Amino Complex Complex can do for you.

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