Asthma Relief Without Inhaler


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Asthma Relief Without Inhaler – It can begin as only a tiny cough, some discomfort, and before you know it you’re gasping for air, listening to the whistle of every breath and starting to panic. If you’re not asthmatic, you likely know someone who is.

Traditionally, patients are treated with inhaled and oral drugs to help control airway inflammation and severe attacks. Many times these are required to prevent regular attacks and hospital visits.

Increasing evidence also suggests that specific lifestyle changes and integrative treatments not only have evidence for helping restrain Asthma but can also help lessen severe attacks.


Researchers discovered that when combined with commonly used inhaled asthma drugs, ginger enhanced airway dilation more than medication alone. The ginger compounds used in the treatment of airway smooth muscle are believed to operate by immediately reducing regeneration of the muscles surrounding the airways.

Omega-3 fatty acids

One study showed that people who have a diet high in omega- 3 had improved quality of life without dependence on saving medications. Easy ways to incorporate Omega 3’s to your daily diet include walnuts (combination with carob chips and raisins for a quick snack), salmon, and pumpkin seeds (can be inserted to Greek yogurt, or applesauce).

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine has additionally shown benefit, especially for asthmatics that are steroid dependent. However, some studies have demonstrated no substantial difference, so you need to discuss your target levels with your primary doctor before beginning.


when you have not gotten enough from from this total body and mind practice, here is another advantage. The deep breathing has been shown in research to help asthmaticsreduce hyperventilation and in turn improve symptoms and consequences, particularly during attacks. Regular yoga practice helps concentrate on deep and prolonged breathing to improve airflow and can be hugely valuable during asthma attacks.

Vitamin C

Studies also discovered another succulent reason to fill up on citrus fruits if you’re asthmatic. Research demonstrated that a diet high in Vitamin C reduced episodes of wheezing in children. While we still need more data for adults, it can not hurt to add this to your daily diet via a few additional orange pieces, grapefruit, or kiwi.

It’s both an anti-inflammatory influence on the body and can reduce the contraction of muscles from the airways that cause wheezing and acute attacks.

Herbs and supplements may interact with other medicines. Check with your private physician before starting one of these supplements.

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