Cure Acne Holistically


Cure Acne Holistically

Many people with health conscious acne are now realizing the falls and side effects of pharmacologically and chemically based acne “solutions” – and are turning to holistic acne treatments to get rid of their unsightly flaws. Yet there is a plethora of information available, it is sometimes difficult to eliminate the “Snake Oil” remedies and find these holistic acne protocols that really work.

In reference to healing, the term “holistic” usually refers to a philosophy of medicine that looks at the whole body as the sum of its parts-each delicate interdependent system. An imbalance in a system can disrupt the functions of the body as a whole. Therefore, a holistic approach will study well beyond the symptoms and look “upstream” to discover this imbalance is actually the cause of your symptoms.

In terms of acne healing, a holistic protocol will integrate a whole spectrum of methods and modalities that include several different categories. All these modalities work in synergy to prevent and cure acne without chemical intervention. And the best part is that they are, mostly, initiated and controlled by you. When using a holistic acne treatment, you take a pro-active approach to your own healing that will eventually result in a beautiful clear skin. So, the next time a button even “thinks” of the rupture on your skin, try to pinch it in the bud with the proven and natural solutions listed below.

1. Homemade Holistic Acne Treatments – ‘Oldies’ Thought To Be Acne Cures

Many people believe that home remedies for acne can not be acne cures. Among many so-called medical experts in skin care, homemade treatments for acne are considered as tales of old women and not scientifically proven. Perhaps this is the scientifically proven part, which is. Nevertheless-the reason why these old women spoke so much and transmit information for generations about how to cure acne, this is because they have conducted their own “scientists” studies – they have known, observed the results, and experienced again until they have their own proven methods to cure acne These holistic acne treatments are still viable today , and can withstand even the most “scientifically advanced” acne-based medication treatments.

By using natural remedies for Cure Acne Holistically, you are literally tapping on the wisdom that previous generations laboriously earned. Please consider this-the only reason that there is no scientific data to validate the efficacy of natural acne cures is that there is no funding for such studies. Simply because medical science will not invest money in official research studies to prove their efficacy, does not mean that these holistic acne cures do not work. Therefore, by integrating your own natural remedies for acne into your skin care regimen, you will not only become acne-free and save tons of money; You will also play a proactive role in changing the paradigm belief that the only way to prevent and cure acne is with harmful drugs.

Listed below are our 5 best choices (in no particular order) for holistic acne treatments at home. Although there are literally hundreds of effective acne treatments that can be found in your kitchen cupboard, the options we have listed below are our best rated choices for safety and efficacy. Used alone, or in combination, these times-tested holistic acne solutions will quickly put you on the path of skin without blemishes.

Organic apple cider vinegar-tried and tested for generations, apple cider vinegar is known to have potent antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Used on the outside, DAB stains with a Q-Tip saturated ACV several times a day will help to fend off the bacteria and soothe the rashes. Used internally, 1 tablespoon of running in purified water will help to alkalineize and detoxify your body and relieve internal inflammation that can contribute to acne breakouts.

The mask of lemon and honey-although a little messy and sticky, this mask is, nevertheless very effective in the treatment of skin prone to acne. Used 2-3 times/week, the antibacterial and moisturizing benefits of honey combined with the alkalizing and antibacterial properties in the lemon provide a 3-pronged approach to maintain a flawless complexion.

Tea tree Oil-also known as Melaleuca oil is a powerful and powerful essential oil native to Australia. It has been used traditionally as a topical antiseptic and anti-fungal remedy and, as such, is an extremely effective acne treatment – especially for people suffering from acne prone to oily skin. Tea tree oil should be used only externally-5 percent tea tree oil as a treatment once will help to dry out existing blemishes and to ward off new infections. It can also be added to your favorite natural moisturizer for more durable oil and the benefits of controlling blemishes throughout the day.

Colloidal silver – an colloid consisting of silver particles suspended in liquid, colloidal silver was commonly used by physicians in the early twentieth century as an antibacterial agent incorporated in bandages and creams. Although its use in the medical field has been gradually eliminated in the 1940 years with the advent of modern antibiotic medications, it has made a comeback over the past few years through the holistic medical community. As a natural treatment of acne, colloidal silver can be used topical to effectively kill the bacteria associated with acne breakouts. Although a bit more controversial, some holistic health professionals also recommends the internal use of colloidal silver as part of a holistic global acne solution. We recommend that you consult your alternative health care practitioner in this regard.

Bentonite Clay-also known as montmorillonite, this miraculous healing clay is by far our preferred treatment of holistic acne. Derived from volcanic ash, bentonite clay has the unique characteristic of producing an electric charge on hydration. mixed with liquid, the clay swells-and by its electric attraction, draws and binds toxins and impurities from the body. When used as a clay poultice, bentonite is incomparable to detoxify the skin making it an ideal treatment for acne. It is also safe to use internally as an acne prevention to eliminate toxins, chemicals and heavy metals while alkalizing the body at the same time.

2. Cure Acne Holistically from the inside with dietary and lifestyle adjustments

Everyone heard the old saying: “You are what you eat.” We’ll take that even one more step to include “You’re how you live”. This is especially true if you are suffering from acne. No amount of prescription creams, lotions or medications will compensate for years of poor eating habits and lifestyle. Really, the most effective holistic treatment to cure acne from inside-out is to make the commitment to your overall health by reducing the inflammation and elimination of toxins. Listed below are our top ten to do for a durable, beautiful and flawless skin.

Adequate and appropriate hydration

about 2 litres (8-9 cups) of purified water per day is optimal – more if you are consuming caffeine or alcohol, as these two substances are desiccant. Also, please be aware that more alkaline water, the better that acid water is not well absorbed by your cells and can contribute to inflammation. Without the proper amount and type of water, the acne promotion toxins cannot be properly removed from your body.

Avoid sugar-probably one of the most difficult life habits to change, but also one of the most critical. The consumption of sugar (even in small quantities) can cause havoc on your insulin levels and cause acidosis in the body, which in turn causes inflammation and rashes of acne. Stick with natural sweeteners with low glycemic rates such as Stevia and xylitol (birch derivatives).

Increase healthy fats

contrary to popular belief fat consumption is needed to fight acne. Healthy fats such as fish oil, krill oil, olive oil, avocados, and coconut oil are doing wonders to reduce inflammation and keep your hormones balanced, which is also an essential component for acne-free skin.

Reducing coffee intake

coffee can be one of the main causes that contribute to acne in some people. Yet it is also one of the most difficult habits to break. On the surface it is difficult to make the connection between coffee consumption and acne. The coffee itself is extremely acid-leading to inflammation. It can also contribute to vitamin B deficiency, which affects stress management (see below). Unbridled stress causes inflammation and hormonal disturbance. All this adds up to the perfect storm for acne at the back of his ugly head.

Take care of your gut

a disturbance of your intestinal flora (good bacteria) can definitely manifest in acne breakouts. The widespread use of antibiotics and the prevalence of processed food consumption have left a large proportion of people with an unbalanced indoor ecological system. Without the proper quantities of good bacteria in our intestine, the foods cannot be properly digested and the toxins cannot be eliminated. This can lead to a multitude of health problems, not the least of which is skin disorders such as acne. It is essential for skin without blemish that good bacteria be replaced by the use of probiotics and fermented foods.

Go organic (as much as possible)

pesticides that are endemic in non-organic products can cause quite severe allergic reactions in many people resulting from acne and other skin disorders. These are toxic substances that the body can not eliminate easily, so often they wreak havoc on the skin. Pesticides are also estrogens and can disturb the high-time hormonal equilibrium, another main cause of acne breakouts. It is essential that you choose as many organic foods as your budget will allow. Check out the list of “Dirty Dozen, Clean fifteen” Environmental working groups to help you make smarter choices.

Minimizing stress

As stated previously, stress can be a major factor in acne breakouts. If left unchecked, excessive stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline and epinephrine) can cause acne to fight a lost battle. Effective stress management through exercise, meditation and yoga combined with some of the dietary guidelines listed here will make wonders for your skin, as well as your overall health.

Maximize your sleep

as part of your acne prevention protocol A good night’s sleep is not an option. A minimum of 7-8 hours of quality sleep is an essential part of any health plan. In reference specifically to acne-it may also be necessary to adjust your sleep position in order to keep the skin spotless. Often, natural oils on your scalp collect on your pillow and can contribute to clogged pores and resultant acne stains. By conséquent-l’un of the simplest holistic acne treatments can be to change your sleep position and use a face pillow to avoid the rashes of stains and maintain a clear complexion.

Switch to all natural skin care products

the discussion of lifestyle adjustments as a holistic acne treatment would not be complete without mentioning the use of all natural skin care products as an essential part of this protocol. The amount of chemical toxins contained in most of the commercial skin care products and cosmetics is staggering. According to the campaign for Safe cosmetics, it is estimated that the average woman applies (between skin care, hair care and cosmetic products) more than 500 chemicals to her face every day. Many of these hard chemicals cause skin sensitivities and for people suffering from acne, these substances can exasperate the condition. For this reason, it is imperative that a proper holistic acne treatment regimen only include the most pure and natural skin care products.

3. Look’amont ‘ – seek help from alternative health practitioners

Although the above guidelines are extremely effective in ridding most people of acne breakouts, there may be some cases that require the help of a replacement health professional. Sometimes the imbalances of your body can be a bit complicated and the intervention of a qualified holistic health practitioner is needed to sort everything out and put you on your way to healing.

It is important to noter-qu’il is essential to choose a holistic health professional who is very adept at looking at the body as the sum of its parts rather than simply treating the symptoms. Our indoor Eco system is extremely tricky and if a part doesn’t work as it should, it can throw out of the whole balance. A properly trained holistic health practitioner will be able to diagnose these imbalances by appropriate tests and therefore, treat what is really at the root of your acne affliction.

Holistic Acne Treatments-solutions for beautiful skin

You deserve to have the beautiful skin spotless as you were born with. By using the natural acne solutions described above, you will not only cure your acne forever – you’ll acquire beautiful, glowing skin and vibrant overall health. So the next time a stain dares at the back of his ugly head, you will be equipped with all the natural acne treatments that banish your escapes forever!


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