Dr Karen Becker Holistic Vet


Dr Karen Becker Holistic Vet

Dr Karen Becker for healthcare is the driving force behind the creation of Animal Animal Animal Hospital, which opened in the Chicago area in 1999.

Since then, thousands of pets dealing with chronic degenerative diseases including allergies, cancer, organ failure, arthritis and autoimmune diseases have benefited from Dr. Becker’s treatment. His Holistic Vet approach to internal medicine and his passion for clinical pathology (tracking the disease process in the body), as well as a series of integrative diagnostics and innovative treatment protocols have gained recognition as one of Chicago Tops (according to Chicago Magazine), and a special place in the hearts of his clients.

Dr Karen Becker Holistic Vet revolves around his belief that the foundations of health and longevity are nutritionally appropriate for species. She attributes most of her clinical success to the fact that nutrition is handled with every patient, in every test.

Dr Karen Becker believes what we eat is important. Clients arrive at Natural Pet from various backgrounds, feeding various types of food to animals in their care. Dr. Becker is keen to encourage clients to feed the best pet food they can afford. As a daily part of his job as a veterinarian, he helps people divert their pets to more appropriate nutrition species.

Dr Karen Becker wrote his first pet food recipe book in 1999 after realizing that many people wanted to feed their pets the best food, but could not find a suitable pet food option where they lived.

Dr. Becker consults with pet lovers around the world, and his award-winning cookbook is invaluable not only to U.S. pet owners, but also to international clients who do not always have access to integrative veterinarians in their area. Dr Becker has created an online video archive in addition to his free newsletter, to help animal lovers around the world feel the benefits of a proactive life.

In 2002, Dr. Becker founded the Covenant Wildlife Rehabilitation, a non-profit organization, 501c3 dedicated to caring for wounded wild animals. This organization provides care to over 200 wild animals every year, free of charge.

The Rehabilitation of Animal Covenant is based on Dr. Becker that wild animals should be respected and considered as a vital member of our ecosystem. From sparrows to hawks, beaver rabbits, Dr. Becker provides special care for all wildlife. This effort is a work of love and is fully funded through personal donations.

Realizing that all animals benefit from integrative medicine, Dr Karen Becker opened the Bird Flu Clinic, an exotic animal hospital, in 2006. Fur provides bird and exotic bird owners with the best poultry and exotic medicines for bird treatments and exotic, diagnostic and surgical remedies for their friends.

Dr Karen Becker opened Therape Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Therapy Clinic in 2011 with a mission: helping animals achieve optimal vitality and minimize pain through Integrative Movement Therapy ™.

Dr Karen Becker believes that by strengthening the skeleton and correcting neurological and musculoskeletal imbalances, animals will improve endurance and quality of life at any age.

Dr Karen Becker is a strong supporter of life-free pain. He founded the Therapaw Pain Management Clinic because of the need: the animals that come there need a more aggressive treatment of pain options. He also launched Therapaw in-home Hospice Care in 2011, offering medical care and patient support in the comfort of their own homes through the last chapter of their lives.

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