Holistic Dentist Michigan


Holistic Dentist Michigan

Choosing a holistic dentist in Michigan

You may have heard the concept of “holistic dentistry” and do not know what it means. Holistic Dentist Michigan focuses on the use of non-toxic materials, and the treatment of dental health as a part of your overall health. Holistic Dentistry recognizes that some symptoms discovered in your mouth may be connected to other organs inside your body. At HPS Advanced Dental care, we want to bring you more than a beautiful smile, we care about your overall wellbeing, your body as a whole.

Holistic Dentist Michigan is safer for you, your family and the environment

A major factor in holistic dentistry, as noted above, is the use of non-toxic dental materials. Amalgams, or mercury/Silver linings, are considered harmful due to the toxicity of mercury inside your body. As a holistic dental office provide you with composite pads, which are composed of biocompatible materials. These composite pads are more attractive as they can be matched to the color of your teeth, plus they contain no toxic material.

The safe removal of mercury is also something we practice at HPS Advanced Dental care. We know that mercury is not safe for the human body nor, is it safe for the environment. By following the specific protocol to eliminate and discard any mercury you may have in your mouth, we ensure your safety and total health and well-being.

Holistic Dentistry includes the interconnectivity of the mouth and body

What affects your teeth can also have an influence on other organs in your body. A good holistic dentist is basically a dental doctor, and can positively affect the overall health of the systemic body.

As a holistic dental office, we know that dental health is linked to the nervous system, the cardiac and circulatory system, and the body’s immune system. We work closely with your doctors to ensure you get the best treatment possible. Each patient is different and we will take the time to give special care to each individual.

The main difference between traditional and holistic dentistry is that the traditional approach of the dentist is to treat the symptoms in the mouth and prevent the symptoms from happening again, while a holistic dentist would actually deal with the root problem that is triggering the symptoms to occur in the first place.

Holistic Dentistry is much more than just physical well-being

Holistic Dentistry is more than just the link between the mouth and your body, it is about total health and well-being and the relationship between you and your dentist.

At HPS Advanced Dental Care, we take the time to listen to our patients and teach them the causes of existing dental problems and how to prevent them. It is not only the patient who benefits, but also our dental team, because we receive a feeling that we have made a difference in the patient’s life.

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