Holistic Dentist Near Me


Holistic Dentist Near Me

Patients in Richmond, VA looking for a “holistic dentist near me” can visit Dr. Olivia Hart

Dr. Olivia Hart, of Richmond Family Dentistry, is a holistic dentist committed to helping her patients achieve excellent oral health and overall well-being. At our office in Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Hart offers a full range of dental services with safe materials and procedures. However, the best way to avoid this problem is to prevent the first place.

Nutrition for healthy mouths and bodies

Many patients believe that they eat healthy, however, vegetables have less than half of the vitamins and minerals they have a significant decline in value. These vitamins not only provide valuable benefits to the body, but they also help to strengthen the teeth.

Stress and Your Oral Health

Some people under duress are found by grinding or squeezing their teeth. This can be a difficult habit to break because they do not know what they can do with their teeth while sleeping. Unfortunately, these activities can cause excessive teeth wear and the risk of fractures or damage. It is also related to ATM, a painful dysfunction of the jaw joint that causes pain in the head and face.

Dental care to improve well-being

A healthy mouth and a healthy body go together. Often, some lifestyle changes can have big benefits for oral and overall health. Dr. Hart recommends that his patients consider the following:

  • Remove the metal from your mouth. Studies have shown that mercury, which is found in metal fillings, is linked to certain health conditions.
  • Finding Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress
  • Choose a diet full of fruits and vegetables instead of a compound of sugar and processed ingredients.

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