Holistic Dog Food Brands


Holistic Dog Food Brands

Commercial dog food comes in many forms, but not all can be considered equal. It is important to understand the differences before choosing a Holistic Dog Food Brands for your dog. Natural and holistic dog food companies are committed to using high quality ingredients without fillers and by-products. They add beneficial nutrients without adding unnecessary chemicals. Despite the higher cost of these foods, many dog ​​owners attest to the benefits that these diets have offered, such as brighter coats, increased energy and overall better health. Here are some of the natural and / or holistic diets on the market today.


Canidae is committed to using only the finest and most natural ingredients of human quality. Their products do not contain corn, wheat, soya, grain fractions, fillers or products. All products are manufactured in USDA and FDA approved facilities in the United States. The varieties include chicken and rice, lamb and rice, a formula designed for all stages of life and another specially developed for older or overweight dogs. Each formula is available canned or dry. Gourmet treats are also available. If you are also a cat lover, check out their cat line Felidae.

Castor & Pollux Pet Works

Castor the Dog and Pollux the Cat, Castor & Pollux Pet Works is a company made up of animal lovers dedicated to the supply of high quality organic and natural products for pets. Dog food products include ORGANIX organic foods and treats, natural Ultramix natural foods and GOOD BUDDY dog treats and biscuits. Of course, cat food is also available. Castor & Pollux Pet Works also offers a variety of dog toys and other supplies.

Eagle Pack

Eagle Pack pet food, based on family, started in the 1980s as one of the first Holistic Dog Food Brands pet diets available. The Eagle Pack Holistic Select® and Eagle Pack Super Premium brands are made up of natural and natural ingredients, including holistic and customized supplements. All products are manufactured in USDA / APHIS inspected plants and are 100% guaranteed. The varieties include hypoallergenic formulas, age-specific diets and special formulas for dogs and small and mini-breeds or large and giant puppies. Eagle Pack makes diets dry and canned, plus treats and digestive remedies. Diets for cats and ferrets are also available.

Flint River Ranch

Founded by Jim Flint in 1993, Flint River Ranch is a family owned business that provides fully cooked food with human-grade ingredients. Their dog food is twice cooked, tasty and very digestible. Several formulas are produced to meet the nutritional needs of dogs of different ages, lifestyles and activity levels. Although canned diets are not available, their “dry-water” food turns into a sauce dinner when hot water is added. Flint River Ranch also manufactures several types of biscuits. Products can be purchased online directly from their website or from many other vendors. Cat food is also available.


Natura Pet Products was founded in Santa Clara, California in 1989 by dog ​​lovers who are dedicated to the production of pet foods made with the healthiest ingredients available. By using high quality food ingredients they have designed diets that provide an optimal diet to benefit the overall health of pets without unnecessary additives.

Solid gold

Founded in 1974, Solid Gold was one of the first pet diets to focus on all natural ingredients and high quality for optimal overall nutrition. As a holistic product, the ingredients include USDA Choice Meat, USDA grade I and II seeds, and healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated oils. Solid Gold does not contain corn, wheat, soybeans or chemical preservatives. A wide variety of canned and dry formulas are available, plus dog treats, supplements and health care products and coats.


Originally from the old dog treatment company of Mother Hubbard, Wellness Dog Food was developed in 1990 with the general well-being of pets. Diets are manufactured only with highly digestible, beneficial and human-grade ingredients – exceeding FDA and AAFCO standards. Their diet contains no potentially allergenic ingredient, of inferior quality or without nutritional benefits. Available varieties include dry or canned holistic recipes, special allergy formulas and a range of foods without cereals and protein. Wellness also produces their own brand of treats and supplements.


Named for their rescue cats Webster, Rudi and Vanessa, David and Stacie Forman created Weruva after their search for the best cat food, resulting in fewer ideal options. Instead of settling down, they created their own cat food. Using the most delicious and healthier foods, Weruva has developed cat and cats foods that look good enough for people to eat (and actually). Available only in canned foods, Weruva pet foods are made with pure, human-grade food ingredients that resemble those of the grandmother’s kitchen. It is like a comfort food for pets, but a complete and balanced diet.

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