Holistic Health Coach Salary


Holistic Health Coach Salary
You may be wondering how you can make money as a Holistic Health Coach Salary. Or maybe you wonder how the school or training you completed. Although various health coaching programs vary in terms of education, whether online or in person, study, reputation and more, your actual salary most likely depends on how you approach your new career Once your training is completed. And if you focus only on salary, or if you start thinking in terms of “profit.”

Health coaches from their own company, have a very wide range of wages. The range goes all the way to some coaches who often do pro bono work and others do all six figures!

Here are some examples of why there are so many differences.

Income Coaching health intermittent, part-time work:

Some health coaches have a permanent full-time job. On the side they intermittent health coaching, often free, to help people in need or provide community education. Or they may charge a nominal fee (such as $ 5 per session) or money from the slide. How to determine your money to scale mobile can be difficult. (More about that in a future.) Have used their new skills to use many health coaches in the same direction in their current job (be it a doctor, a nurse, a social worker, etc.). Therefore, health coaching does not contribute to their salary as such.

Income increasingly slowly:

Other health coaches take some time to move from their current job to their new business coaching or health. This process can take 6-12 months, so be patient with yourself if this is the route you are taking. Health coaches are gradually building their activities, and will eventually transition to full-time health training.

The moderate income earning Holistic Health Coach Salary :

Still others go full in the air and immersed in full, with full-time health coaching. Some start charging a small price until they acquire experience, and some go directly into the standard rates. I always work at full speed, you are limited to how much you can work with clients only. If you have never thought … your eyes are about to be opened.

Here is the actual kicker. This is what really determines the big gap in salary scales and how you can actually gain a zesfiguurinkomen by coaching.

A health coach have made their time to pay.
Another health coach can also earn passive money.

What is the difference? Let me explain:

If you are in a job, you probably have a salary depending on the time in which you work. Example: You work 40 hours a week in an office – you pay 40 hours. In health coaching, you may need to train a client for 45 minutes. – You save your expenses for the 45 minutes.

In this salary range you always depend on your salary, depending on how many hours you can work with clients. If you only have 20 hours customer, can you save a week, there is your salary cap. When 60 hours (and many customers!) Ask each week, there is your higher salary cap.

But health coaches who really pay a lot, those who are committed and what they do. And ultimately reach more people and can help more people.


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