Holistic Vet Near Me


Holistic Vet Near Me

You might think you’ve already found a good vet for your dog.

He or she is a friendly person. The office is not far away. Fees are reasonable. And the office staff welcomes your dog with smiles and caresses. Of course! But not the best reasons to choose a veterinarian. The first thing you want to know about a veterinarian is his health care philosophy. Your veterinarian should not make decisions regarding your dog’s healthcare. Instead, you and your veterinarian should work as partners. So choose the right veterinarian to associate you!

The wisest philosophy of health care is holistic

The term holistic means “everything”. A vet with a holistic philosophy examines everything that happens with your dog. If Molly has a urinary tract infection, a holistic veterinarian will treat him with an antibiotic. But the veterinarian also knows that something is not quite right with Molly’s immune system because he could not kill the bacteria. Thus, the veterinarian will also provide nutritional supplements and herbal remedies to strengthen Molly and help her resist future health problems.

Do not we want this kind of health care looks towards the future and the complete picture of our dog? Yes of course.

Holistic veterinarians also have a wide range of treatment options to choose from:

  • Drugs and medicines
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Food supplements
  • Homemade diets
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic Adjustment
  • Laser therapy

A veterinarian with so many options can choose the mildest and safest treatment that will do the job with the fewest side effects.

The problem with conventional veterinarians

Unfortunately, most owners limit themselves to a veterinarian who does not offer many treatment options. Of course, the owners do not do this on purpose! But if you open the phone book and start calling vets, it is likely that all will have a conventional health care philosophy rather than holistic. For almost all health problems, conventional veterinarians offer drugs, surgeries or diets. Of course, these are real lifeguards when this is really necessary! The problem is that conventional veterinarians must use these treatments for everything because they have not learned to use all the alternatives – many of which are as effective and less side-effects.

Holistic veterinarians are hard to find

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a Holistic Vet Near you. A real, I mean. Many veterinarians will assert themselves holistically, but they are not. Holistic, you see, has become a word of “fashion”. Something organic or natural, where the definition depends on who you ask. Here is my definition of a truly holistic veterinarian …. A truly holistic veterinarian offers a full range of treatments (conventional and alternative). And a truly holistic veterinarian helps you to make the daily routines and lifestyles of your dog the most health-friendly possible.

According to my definition, veterinarians who offer only a few types of treatments are not holistic. If all they offer are drugs, medications, surgery and diets, these vets are conventional. If all they offer are medicinal plants, nutritional supplements, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture or other healing method, I call these alternatives to veterinarians. It is only when a veterinarian integrates both conventional treatments and alternative treatments. I call it really holistic (integration is another good word).

If you can not find a Holistic Vet Near you

If you follow the step-by-step research method in my book and there is no holistic vet near you, do not be dismayed. Let me tell you how I get excellent veterinary care for my dogs.
Labrador puppy with veterinarian I have a wonderful veterinarian certified in phytotherapy and acupuncture. It also prescribes medications (such as antibiotics and pain medications) when necessary. She makes blood and basic diagnostic tests. But it does not offer surgery or advanced diagnostic tests such as X-rays or ultrasound. For these, I turn to my wonderful conventional veterinarian – the best I have ever found.

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