How To Quit Smoking While Pregnant


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How To Quit Smoking While Pregnant You may already know how difficult it is to try to quit smoking. You have cravings, you are irritable, and you find yourself fighting the urge to have “just a” cigarette. But now that you’re pregnant, you know it’s never been more important to resign. Here are some tips to help you succeed and have a healthier pregnancy:

1. Have a plan

The first step towards setting up for success? Setting up a quit smoking plan is not as easy as throwing your last bag away. You need to know what you’re going to do when those cravings hit.

Set a departure date. Make the public, and make yourself responsible, by telling your friends, family and co-workers. And do it as soon as possible!
Determine the best way to work for you-go cold turkey or gradually reduce.
Have a strategy to manipulate the cravings. They can be difficult, remember that they only last a few minutes. Chew a piece of gum, have a piece of candy, take a quick walk or make a phone call. Do something that distracts your mind for a few minutes until the thirst passes.

2. Ask for support from people around you

The support of your friends, family and co-workers can double your chances of success. For example, if one of them are former smokers, ask if you can give them a quick call when a strong craving hits. If one of them still smokes, ask them not to smoke in front of you.

3. Talk to your doctor or other health care practitioner

However, you decide to quit smoking, your doctor can help you. He or she can give you information about local support programs, talk to you about nicotine replacement therapy and encourage you through a difficult time. Continue to be honest with your practitioner during pregnancy about your successes and failures, so that they can pay extra attention to the growth and development of your fetus if needed.

4. Learn to motivate yourself

Quitting smoking is hard work. But as a pregnant woman, you have one of the best incentives to give up! Keep reminding yourself of the benefits of quitting, both for your unborn baby and your own health.

5. Do not give up if you have a relapse

If you start smoking again trying to stop, do not punish yourself, and do not give up. Your ultimate goal is to kick the habit for good, so just go back to your plan. Don’t think of yourself as a failure, and rest assured that your cravings and withdrawal symptoms will fade in a few weeks.

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