Internet Marketing Issues


Internet Marketing Issues

Internet Marketing Issues – In simple words, Internet marketing refers to the process of buying and/or selling goods and/or services with the Internet as a medium. It is commonly referred to as e-marketing.

Various Internet marketing services are available on the Internet giving us or claiming to give us e-marketing ways and solutions. A very widely used form of e-marketing is the one-to-one approach of marketing wherein the target individual is the person browsing the Internet. The idea is to make advertisements reach him personally, and the keywords entered by the individual on the search engine, determines the advertisement.

An important e-marketing tool is search engine optimization or SEO, which aims at increasing the number of visitors on a website making use of the search engine results. The higher the rank of the website, the more will be the inflow of visitors on the website. SEO is actually an unpaid form of advertisement. Another search engine related marketing tool is search engine marketing or SEM. In SEM, the websites are promoted on search engines through processes such as pay per click, banner ads, pay per inclusion, etc. A popular marketing technique is affiliate marketing, in which an active seller sells the product and/or service of another individual, for profit. In this, an individual who introduces new clients are compensated and an affiliate is given to every visitor. Apart from these, many Internet marketing software like, email marketing software, pay per click software, etc. are available which promises web promotion and Internet marketing solutions.

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