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Quit Smoking Hotline Nearly 2 million smokers have applied to medical centers over the past seven years to stop smoking, according to figures given by the Ministry of Health. Initiated in 2010, the Quit smoking hotline helps people who want to quit smoking and helps to fight tobacco products to be more effective. The hotline that offers its services with a total of 175 operators responds about 6 000 calls per day. In addition, medical centers that help smokers break their habit integrated with Www.alo171.saglik.gov.TR through new software and have worked hand in hand in the fight against tobacco products.

Patients who enroll in medical centers to quit smoking are also registered by the hotline and receive calls from the hotline six times a year and are checked if they quit smoking or not. The psychosocial support of the motivation already provided by the hotline and medical centers is now also available online, with 107 585 people having visited the site to quit smoking since December 2016. About 23 percent of smokers left the tobacco after the first month of their application while the rate was about 7 percent after one year.

The Department of Health that has taken steps to control tobacco products with the Health Transformation program has made certain restrictions on the use and sale of tobacco products to protect individual health and Community. Turkey fights smoking very effectively with efforts to reduce smoking by helping drug addicts in special centers. The Ministry of Health continually monitors any violation of the smoking ban in confined spaces in restaurants, cafes and eaters, especially in winter. The World Health Organization (WHO) also reported that Turkey is among the top seven countries that have spent 100 percent of smoke-free laws.

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