A Review of Allen Carr Quit Smoking


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IS There An ‘Easy Way’ To Quit Smoking?

According to one writer, yes. Allen Carr rocketed into the self-help publication market in 1985 with Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking. Up to now, over 13 million copies of the book have been sold, which makes it among the best-selling books of all time. Mr. Carr was a hefty chain smoker — asserting to smoke up of 100 cigarettes (5 packs) daily. When he was 48 years old, a succession of events including a trip to a hypnotherapist and the authentic realization that he was a smoking addict, not only a person having a habit, cooperating with him putting down cigarettes forever. After that, he chose to try and assist as many people as he could to quit smoking, and he started with this publication. Throughout the remainder of his lifetime, he composed several other self sustaining books and ran clinics helping others with their addiction. He expired in 2006 of lung cancer.

So, what’s the hype all about?

Easy Way urges defend this publication with surprising zeal. Although it’s not a generation of literary genius, Easy Way provides a special view on smoking. In it, Carr challenges the smoker to re-think the way they think about cigarettes. A large portion of the focus is on thinking about smoking as an addiction. When thinking of it as an addiction, the reader is invited to carefully inspect the difference in physical addiction and psychological dependency. Although physical nicotine addiction and withdrawal is comparatively mild and short-lived, the addiction can linger for a lifetime.

Carr invites the reader to think about quitting as a simple fact, rather than as a fantasy or an effort. The book guides you through ways to promote the concept that readers are not in the process of stopping, but that the minute they put the cigarettes down, they’ve already ceased. Additionally, he squashes the negative ‘chatter’ about how hard it is, cutting back the addiction to an annoyance instead of a enormous burden.

Unlike other books that tend to rehash the previously known dangers of smoking, or make quitting seem as a battlefield, Carr functions to fight the idea that quitting is so hard that it is nearly impossible. Through the book, he just casts aside many of the things that smokers tend to think. Instead of seeing a cigarette for a reward, the smoker is invited to understand that it is the precise reverse of a benefit — it features no positive benefits at all.

Withdrawal can be shown otherwise. Instead of the cigarette giving a smoker a ‘buzz’ as many would assume, it simply works to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms, not to earn a smoker happy. The addiction is visualized through the publication as a monster that controls the ideas of a smoker, demanding to be fed continuously through smoking. Starving the monster by quitting cold turkey is the only means that this monster can be ‘defeated’. The way that Carr strips all romanticism away from smoking, by debunking the thoughts that it’s a stress reliever, pleasure-giver, or an undefeatable opponent has turned out to be a powerful aid in re-thinking cigarette addiction.

Does it Work?

As with anything in life, mileage may differ from person to person. Carr insists that so as to quit with his method, the smoker needs to really, really, want to stop, and stop forever. Inspired by it’s success, and the amount of reviews that state that individuals were truly able to complete the book, stub out a cigarette, and walk away for good, yet, it definitely seems to have helped lots of people.

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