What Is The Best Weight Loss Supplement For Women? Safe Without Side Effects

Best Weight Loss Supplement For Women

what’s up what’s up and welcome back to
my channel today we are talking drugs
okay you know we’re not actually going
to talk about drugs we are talking about
supplements which are not drugs Oh
already learning two things so this
video is going to address two of the
most common questions I get should you
take supplements and which supplements
should you take I’m making this video
because I know that navigating a
supplement space can feel super
overwhelming I mean pretty much every
fitness youtuber seems to have a brand
that they push and every time that
supplement pops up in their videos
they’re like yo use my coat buy my
supplements pay me I don’t know what
this is which is totally cool we all
have to make a living I personally and
just not really interval spending money
blindly thing I like to know what I’m
buying and what I’m going to get for my
money so if you have ever wondered what
in the heck is that acronym stand for
what is that supplement oh my god I
don’t even want to go supplement
shopping it’s so overwhelming go ahead
and click that thumbs up button because
I am going to walk you through this step
by step today
I’m going to break this video down into
two parts we’re going to start with the
self assessment to figure out of
supplements would be helpful for you and
then we’re going to go into detox or
supplements that I recommend beginners
alright starting with the question that
I know you want to ask do I need
supplements to get results in short no
supplements are just that they are a
supplement okay something extra on top
of what you’re already doing to reach
your health and fitness goals that said
supplements can give you an extra edge
to burn fat and build lean muscle faster
okay so now that we’ve got that out of
the way let’s get into the self
assessment so we can figure out if
supplements will help speed up your
personal progress first up what’s your
training intensity like are you
consistently showing up energized and
focused ready to spray your gym sessions
are you consistently making progress
from the gym you know more weight more
reps more sets however you measure
progress are you making
progress with each training session if
yes and whatever you’re doing is clearly
working and you should keep doing that
if not then you may want to consider
supplements to give you an extra edge
when it comes to focus and recovery
which leads me to my second question
what’s your recovery like do you often
feel sore like for days at a time after
your training sessions do you struggle
with inflammation or joint pain and kind
of like I asked in the previous question
are you struggling to make strength
gains in the gym so if you answer yes to
any of these questions you are not
moving as efficiently as you could
towards your goals okay so basically if
you’re not fully recovered or if you’re
still sore going into your next training
session your training intensity is going
to suffer you’re not going to be able to
train as hard and when you can’t train
as hard your progress is going to slow
down so if you answered yes to any of
those questions supplements may be a
good idea for you next up are you
generally eating with your health in
mind this doesn’t mean that you need to
be eating clean 24/7 this doesn’t even
mean that you need to be tracking your
macros but are you generally eating like
you give a crap like I said before
supplements or something extra to give
you an extra edge on top of an already
sound training and nutrition approach so
the flip side set if you are eating with
your healthy mind if you are eating like
you give a crap then yes you have the
green light to take supplements green
means good supplements help pick up the
slack on nutrients that you can’t get
from diet alone and supplements can also
help with how these nutrients are
absorbed and used in your body all right
final question what does your budget
look like right now this kind of brings
me back to my last point before you even
consider adding supplements to your
regime you need to make sure that you
had your training and your nutrition on
lock okay so get your gym membership
paid for make sure you can afford to buy
quality foods and once you’ve got that
all figured out if you still have room
in your budget then add supplements in
okay like supplements con after you’ve
got your gym membership after you’ve
already start to buy quality Whole Foods
all right that’s
we end our self-evaluation based on your
answers to those questions you can now
decide whether or not you’re ready to
take supplements all right assuming that
you’ve decided yes to supplement I am
going to break down the top four
supplements I recommend number one
protein powder not protein bars not
pretty packaged protein drinks but any
quality protein powder this is my top
recommendation and the sole reason
almost everybody I’ve met or worked with
is seriously under eating on protein not
only do you need protein for lean muscle
growth but you also need it for stuff
like oh I don’t know hormone regulation
red blood cell production this stuff is
important working out and muscle
building aside like most people still
are not getting enough protein for
people who are new to fitness and who
aren’t quite ready to track calories or
macros I recommend that they get a full
serving a good amount of protein with
each meal they eat this is where protein
powder comes in whole food protein
sources things like chicken fish egg
whites they are not only inconvenient to
pack most of the time but they can also
be super filling for people who aren’t
used to eating a lot of protein in their
diets so protein powder on the other
hand is super easy to dance down it’s
not going to fill you up too much and
it’s really really easy to pack for
on-the-go number 2 glutamine so as the
muscle building supplement glutamine
helps with protein metabolism so protein
metabolism pretty much makes sure that
all this protein your nail consuming is
being properly broken down and used by
your body not only that the glutamine
also helps reduce muscle breakdown in
your body ok so your body is in a
constant state of building new tissues
but also breaking down existing tissues
so glutamine pretty much works by
minimizing how much of your existing
tissues you’re breaking down it makes it
easier for your body to build muscle now
what I really liked about glutamine and
one of the big reasons that I included
it on my top 4 list is because even
though glutamine is super helpful for
building lean muscle it
turns out that your small intestine and
your immune system actually need a lot
of glutamine as well when you train hard
your body is going to deplete its
natural glutamine stores so by
supplementing with additional glutamine
you’re going to directly improve your
overall digestive and immune health
pretty dandy number three pre-workout
this is the supplement that you see all
of these funny memes about okay so it’s
just a zit since this is something you
take pre or before your workout so even
though these supplements are generally
advertised for their physical benefits I
would say that the biggest benefit of
pre workouts is a mental edge it gives
you okay so you started with focus or
energy going into your workout leg
listeni these supplements combine
different stimulus okay so remember not
a drug we’re talking like caffeine guys
and sometimes blood flow enhancers and
they’re designed to get you warmed up
working out and feeling good making
Constanta doing more over time okay more
weight more sets more reps and if you
can’t enter each training session and
train at the intensity that allows for
this then you are going to have a really
tough time making progress well I
wouldn’t recommend taking these
supplements every day they can be super
helpful if you have to train at 5 a.m. a
couple days per week or if you’re just
really not feeling the gym after a long
day at work
pre-workout will help you dig deeper and
train harder when you’re struggling
mentally number four creatine so
remember supplements are not drugs total
creatine is not a drought it’s not a
drug it’s not dangerous and it is not
just reserved for the massive guy at
your gym creatine is a key fuel source
for high intensity activity thanks
sprinting explosive jumping movements
and yes lift weight
basically creatine is involved in the
energy pathway that supports the first
few seconds of an explosive bout of
exercise your body naturally stores
creatine and other immediate fuel
sources in your muscles the problem is
is that your body can only for a very
small amount of creatine naturally so
after the first few seconds of a really
intense bout of exercise
guys your body is going to have to
switch fuel sources and as a result will
not be as powerful the biggest benefit
of creatine in my experience in my
opinion is that it gives you the fuel
and it gives you the power to pump out
just a couple more reps there are a
bunch of other benefits to creatine but
what you need to know is that it’s going
to allow you to train harder and as a
result will make building muscle easier
okay so now you know if supplements are
right for you at this stage of your
journey and you know which supplements
to take you my friend are armed and
dangerous get it get it
Jeffries clearly rolling his eyes it
means puns anybody okay now since I want
to make sure you take action on this
video I put together a quick little
cheat sheet for you this is a little
freebie I put together to make it even
easier to get the results you want so if
you’re interested in magazine graphics
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thanks for watching and I will see you
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