Compression Garments For Weight Loss


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Compression Garments For Weight Loss

Have you heard of compression garments? High-tech clothing for training is worn by the best athletes and sports stars. But some exercises wear compression clothing for weight loss. So they work? There are advantages to compression equipment for people who are new to exercise and who are overweight. But you should know what specialized clothing can and can not do before investing.

What is the Compression Garments?

The compression garment resembles most of the other workout clothes you see in the gym or in the sporting goods store. What makes it unique, however, is that it is well woven to support and restrict the tissues of your body. While this does not seem comfortable, compression socks, pantyhose and sides give you the impression of being supported and “maintained” but not in the wrong way. Clothes always allow your body to move freely during and after exercise.

Some compression garments are considered “medical notes” and are used in medical settings for use after surgery or to treat circulation problems. Most compression garments made by sportswear manufacturers (the kind you find in the sporting goods store) are not medical grade and allow for more movement – and comfort – during your workout.

Compression Garments for weight loss

Most research on compression gear has focused on the benefits of serious athletes’ performance. But there are also unique benefits for beginners or overweight people. Fred Hernandez, is marketing director at 2XU, a company that manufactures compression equipment for men and women.

He explains first that his company considers that all exercises are serious exercises and that compression machines can be particularly useful for older exercises and new ones.

“Trainees who carry more weight may be more susceptible to repetitive injuries such as tibia splints, strains, sprains and joint injuries, especially when starting new training regimens. Compression clothing works to compress muscles against a person’s frame to minimize micro-muscles. By muscle vibration and oscillation “.

In short, he says that larger bodies move more during exercise and compression gears can limit this movement to avoid some wear on the body. He says that there may also be an advantage for people who are trying to lose weight.

“Although we never claim that compression garment helps in weight loss, this can certainly help weight loss to exercise a part of anyone. By using these types of weight loss, exercises usually involve Increased volume and intensity of cardio work, compression garment can help to minimize muscle Damage caused by repeated vibrations of cardio activities like running or turning and recovering help by improving circulation during and after exercise, exercise “.

How to Buy Compression garments

If you’re ready to buy your first compression equipment, Fred has some tips. First, he says calibration is important to get maximum benefits. “The compression is supposed to be tight – not restrictive, but certainly close enough for you to feel compressed”. He also adds that after the recommendations of the manufacturer, the best results will be obtained.

So, what compression clothes should you buy? This may depend on your body and your goals to wear the equipment. To get some exercise benefits during and after your workout, Fred suggests that you start with compression tights as your legs will be involved in most cardio activities for weight loss.

In addition, he says: “Your legs are your most important muscle group and wearing compression, it will return the maximum benefits for those looking to get the best value for money.”

Some exercises, however, may choose to purchase a compression garment for the upper body to limit the amount of “jiggle” that occurs during their workout. A compression top will help to support your chest, your abdomen and your arms to give you a comfortable sealing feeling ….

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