Herbs For Asthma


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Herbs For Asthma

With an asthma attack is one of the worst experiences you’ll ever experience. Our urge to breathe in air is so good that if you have an asthma attack, you overwork your body merely to get the much needed oxygen which our body needs continuously. Additionally, it may be fatal to get an asthma attack and it needs to be avoided or have immediate cure for it when it strikes.

Asthma attacks are experienced not just by adults but by children alike. In fact, it is among the most common childhood diseases that don’t have any known cure yet but it could be controlled. Asthma is a serious illness and a medical care practitioner has the say about what medication you need. You cannot substitute the drugs for asthma with blossoms but it can be complemented by means of numerous medicinal herbs that help in treating asthma.

As it is going to function as a complementary drug for asthma, it ought not be in conflict with all the pharmaceutical drugs which are also prescribed for you. Licorice is one of those herbal drugs most often used to treat asthma. You have to use this just in moderate amounts for security so that you won’t encounter some of its side effects such as headaches, water retention and higher blood pressure. Licorice tea helps in soothing sore throat and cough on top of its usage for asthma treatment. DGLE or even deglycyrrhizinated licorice extracts would be the best to use for asthma therapy.

Ginkgo Biloba is another herbal remedy for Asthma and had been used for ages. For asthma attacks, Gingko Biloba helps in preventing the platelet activating factor. Coltsfoot is another herbal remedy favorite for asthma. It was proven effective in treating asthma and cough. It’s employed as an expectorant in syrup form to help rid of mucus in the airways. Coltsfoot’s use is very contentious as scientists have proven that the young flowers of Coltsfoot are carcinogenic and attacks the liver.

This gum plant is employed as an anti-spasmodic, hypotensive as well as an expectorant that’s used not only for asthma but also for other bronchial problems. The Native Americans of California used Grindelia for treatment of skin infections and also used it for asthma therapy which was later realized by the Catholic missionaries who used it to deal with their own patients.

There are many different herbs out there which are utilized for therapy of asthma and every one has distinct benefits. Many herbal products can also be out in the market today that swears of being purely natural and readily accessible for asthmatic patients. Cases of statements change from one patient to another thus the sort of herbal medication to use depends on many factors. Ensure you consult a specialist to find the right prescription.