Orbera Weight Loss Balloon Cost


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Orbera Weight Loss Balloon Cost – Are you currently struggling with meeting your weight loss objectives? Does this feel as if you can’t lose any weight, no matter how committed you are to your workout regimen? If so, Orbera Weight Loss could possibly be the answer to your problems.

Orbera Weight Loss Balloon is a process that uses an intragastic balloon to assist limit patient’s food cravings, promoting healthier eating habits. The procedure is done by endoscopically inserting an empty intragastric balloon. The instragastic balloon is then left in the patient’s stomach for up to six months. In this time the balloon occupies area, restricting the patient’s appetite. After this period of time, the balloon is removed in a different brief non-invasive endoscopic process. The recovery time for Orbera is minimal, as the process itself is non invasive and minimally invasive.

Is Orbera Weight reduction / Gastric Balloon For Me?

In case you have been unable to achieve weight loss through traditional diets and exercise regimens, have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of over thirty, or if you’re considered at least twenty five pounds overweight then Orbera may be able to help you. No one wants to feel uncomfortable with their own body, and Orbera gives patients the opportunity to achieve their weight loss goals without the use of invasive surgeries.

Things to Expect After Your Gastric Balloon Surgery Miami/Orbera Weight Loss Process

It is normal for patients to experience some slight discomfort, nausea or even nausea when the intragastric balloon is first put in place. This is your body’s natural response to the existence of the balloon, and you’ll be given medications to help manage the symptoms.

Patients who undergo our Orbera Weight Loss Balloon process is going to be limited to a liquid diet for the first 3 days following their procedure. Apart from water, patients may eat and drink thinner soups and broths, dairy goods and gelatins. We highly recommend preventing chocolates, ice creams, fatty goods, java, and carbonated drinks like sodas. Our health-care professionals will provide you with a more detailed list of foods that you need to avoid in this period.

Following three days, or more based upon your body’s response to your intragastric balloon, you can start transitioning to semi-solid foods, and eventually to solid foods. We encourage all our patients to take as much time as they should complete this transition. It is a process, and the amount of time needed to complete this transition may vary greatly for everyone.

After your body has become adjusted to the presence of your balloon, patients may start exercising. Before the procedure, all patients will plan and create a personalized exercise regimen with their medical care professional. The next few months will involve dedication to the agreed upon routine. On average after this point, patients will have dropped thirty to forty pounds.

Aftercare and Encourages Your Weight Loss Outcomes

The time after the removal process is key to ensuring lasting weight loss results. While the procedure itself is important in regards to the loss of the weight, your aftercare is vital to ensuring that weight stays off. Our healthcare professionals can help create a personalized aftercare diet and workout program for you, and together we can create a better healthier you.

Our practice works on locals and customers from all over the world, our before and after pictures speak for themselves, but most importantly we want you to leave feeling better than ever before. Confidence can be the trick to a healthier and happier lifestyle, and we wish to provide you with that assurance, confidence in your physical appearance, and on your choice. If you’re considering Orbera Weight Loss, don’t hesitate to contact us to get a simple consultation, and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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